The Power Of Cause Marketing  - PetExpo365

The power of cause marketing cannot be denied. If people get behind a cause, big change can result. If you're a retailer or pet product manufacturer or service provider have you tapped into the power of cause marketing for your pet-centric business? Before we get further into the power of cause marketing, let's define it for the purpose of this article. 

Cause marketing: A way for a nonprofit organization and a business owner to come together for the greater good. Cause marketing is a way for your pet-business to show your philanthropic side. The nonprofit and your business reap mutual benefits when you partner for the cause. 

Many pet businesses are run by pet parents and are supported by other pet parents. These individuals are spurred to action by a cause in which they believe and they are a powerful force. According to one study, "90% of all millennials will switch to a different product or brand based on a cause that brand supports." That is a powerful number and a powerful demographic. 

What can your business to do support a cause and be more socially responsible? 

Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Be authentic. This should go without saying, but some business owners will "jump on a cause" simply because "everyone else" is doing it. You need to know you and your business's vision and mission and put your efforts into an authentic cause. If, you support the local shelter that rescues seniors let that be your cause. If you are a product manufacturer or reseller you may be well-served to support a local shelter or rescue organization. Your business could supply collars and leashes (as an example) to the shelter to be given out when a pet is adopted. The shelter wins, the new pet parent benefits and you get your business's name in front of a potential new client. 
  • Know what your commitment will be. Do you want to support a cause for a specific number of months, for a one-time event or until you have donated X number of dollars? Know up front how you will commit and when the commitment will end. You don't want any misunderstanding between you and the cause you're supporting. Also, determine what you will commit to. Perhaps you will donate product, sponsor an event or allow your staff to take paid time off to volunteer for the cause. 
  •  Research the organization. Make certain you are supporting a reputable organization. Talk with your staff to gain their input on a cause to support. Getting their buy-in will make the relationship more profitable for you and the organization. 
  • Promote the relationship on social media and to your customers. Let your customers know you are supporting XYZ Rescue Group, why and to what extent. You may just help the group gain more support simply by letting others know. Both you and the organization you're supporting should commit to sharing information on social media and cross-promoting your relationship. 

Holidays are an ideal time to kick off a cause marketing campaign. If this is something that is of interest, start today by researching a group to support, reach out to them and formulate a cause marketing campaign that will benefit you and them. Making a difference in the life of pets through a cause marketing campaign is a win all day.