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January 4, 2019

Using Hashtags to Benefit Your Pet Retail Business

#DogMom #DogSelfie #DogMomLife -- Hashtags are everywhere on the internet—selfies on Instagram, billions of tweets, millions of Facebook posts; they're now even included on LinkedIn updates. How can you use hashtags for your pet retail business?

December 14, 2018

Goal Setting For 2019 For Pet Retailers

2018 is quickly drawing to a close. If you haven't already set some goals for your pet retail business for 2019, now is the time. You will also want to review 2018 goals and note achievements and areas in which improvement is needed. Goal setting tips.

December 7, 2018

Instagram Tips for Business

As a pet retailer, your end goal on Instagram should not only be to gain followers and draw eyes towards your content, but also to share who you are. Here are some tips to remember when using Instagram for your business.

November 30, 2018

Pet Retailers Need To Harness Local SEO

Local pet retailers, even if they sell product online, need to reach local customers and to amp up foot traffic in the store. How can you harness the power of local SEO to reach customers who live "right down the street"? We have local SEO tips.

November 23, 2018

Social Media is Still Relevant for Business

Social media is the behemoth of connectivity, engagement and interaction that has become an essential cog in the digital marketing wheel. But it used to be very different than it is today — and it’s constantly changing.

October 19, 2018

The Power Of Cause Marketing

Many pet businesses are run by pet parents and are supported by other pet parents. These individuals are spurred to action by a cause in which they believe and they are a powerful force.

October 12, 2018

6 Ways to Ensure Your Posts are Seen on Social Media

Do your social media posts get buried before your audience gets to them? That can be ruff, but you need to know you’re not alone. Other businesses are experiencing the same thing. Here are 6 tips that will help get your social media posts seen.

September 28, 2018

Marketing for Foot Traffic: How to Draw People into Your Store

With sales and promotions happening around every corner, the holiday season is the time when most retailers are vying for foot traffic. The addition of ecommerce and online shopping can make it even harder to stand out from the crowd.

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