Retailer Tour - PetExpo365

Welcome to PetExpo365! We are the first ever interactive online virtual tradeshow and pet product showcase connecting manufacturers and service providers in the pet industry to retail buyers - 24/7/365. PetExpo365 will continually provide you – the retailer – access to quality pets goods and services while providing insight to the latest industry trends and innovations for pets. As an exhibitor, you’ll be able to showcase your products and connect with buyers year-round; no need to wait for the next live tradeshow!

This article will help you to understand the capabilities you have as both a retailer and an exhibitor, respectively. Let’s start by explaining some of the benefits you’ll see as a member of our retailer community.

As a member of PetExpo365’s retailer community, you have access to what’s trending in the pet industry and have the opportunity to make connections with manufacturers and bring their products to your customers. We’re so glad you’re here!

Benefits For Retailers

First, we wanted to help you understand the top values PetExpo365 brings so you can make the most of your experience.

    Tradeshows and expos require massive amounts of effort, energy, and (most likely) a large portion of your annual marketing budget. PetExpo365 is the only virtual pet expo experience, which means you can keep the annual tradeshow momentum going all year long for a fraction of the cost.
    At any of the annual tradeshows, there are over 1000 exhibitors, which means there isn’t enough time to see every new product or meet everyone. With PetExpo365, you can continuously discover new trends and connect with creators and manufacturers of pet products.
    You don’t need to schedule your experience around the “campfires,” small sessions or keynotes. Our PetExpo365’s community provides educational and informative blog content, webinars and other resources for our extended audience to enjoy, and its available all the time.

We wanted to make the virtual pet tradeshow experience as easy as possible. Here is a quick tour of what you can do as a member of the retailer community in PetExpo365.

Getting Started

Retailer Dashboard – Your retailer dashboard or lobby is the first screen you’ll see when you log into the platform. From here, you have access to all the capabilities PetExpo365 has to offer retailers. Browse exhibitor booths, see new products, read the recent blog post and more.

Browse Exhibitors – See what our exhibitor community is up to by browsing their booths in PetExpo365. You can learn more about their company, browse their products, add the booth to your favorites, send messages to the booth attendant to request samples or quotes on products, and access special offers available only to retailers in PetExpo365.


Browse Products – From the lobby, you’ll see “Trending Products”, which is one way to browse the products featured on the platform. Clicking on the image will take you to the product page, with description, more photos, and pricing from the exhibitor. You can add the exhibitor and specific products to your favorites, send a message to request a sample or quote on a specific product, and see related products from this page.

Product Image

Request a Quote/Samples from Exhibitor – From the exhibitor booth or product page, you can request a sample or a quote. Clicking “Request a Quote” opens a pop-up form. Add your quantity and comments/questions and submit the request to the exhibitor. Clicking “Request a Sample” sends a notification to the exhibitor automatically, so they know to contact you regarding your sample. You’ll see “Samples Requested” as a confirmation.

Contact Exhibitor

Contact Exhibitors – For general inquiries, there are two ways to contact an exhibitor in PetExpo365. You can “Send a Message” from the top toolbar next to the company name, or “Send a message” to the booth attendant.

Retailers Settings and Favorites – By hovering over the avatar in the top right corner, you’ll access your retailer account settings and favorites.