Pet Retailers Need To Harness Local SEO  - PetExpo365

Who wants more customers and foot traffic to their pet retail brick and mortar business? Trick question. We know that every brick and mortar pet store owner wants that. Even if you have a cadre of loyal customers, you can always use more, right?

What can you do and how can you harness the power of local SEO as a way to get customers to find you and think of your store when they are shopping for their cats, dogs, ferrets, fish, birds and reptiles? It may seem hopeless or difficult, but it’s really not!

Pet Retailers Need To Harness Local SEO 

  1. Keep your website up to date.
  2. Make sure you’re using Google maps to help potential customers find you. Add the Google map feature to your website.
  3. Utilize Google Places For Business and Local Google pages. Claim your business when you find it on local directories. Go to and see if your business is listed or cited.
  4. Know your local search keywords. For example, if you’re a pet retailer in Akron, Ohio you want to use that specific city rather than saying you’re a “pet retailer in Ohio.” Be as specific as possible. If you only sell cat products then you want to be a “cat product retailer in Akron, Ohio.”
  5. Ask customers who come in how they found you. Did they do a Google search? Did they hear your radio or television ad? Did they find you on Facebook? Did a friend tell them about your store? Know how people find you and do more of that!
  6. Optimize your keywords on your website and in your blog posts. If you find that customers are finding you by a Google search and your website pops up you want to keep creating content that utilizes your keywords.
  7. Be consistent when setting up your business profiles. If you sell dog and cat items (for example) make certain all of your profiles state the same thing. Make certain your address is consistent as is your phone number, store hours and contact information.
  8. Ask customers to give you reviews on Yelp, Facebook or Google. These reviews help you get found and help spread the word about your goods, services and the great customer experience you provide.
  9. Collaborate with other local businesses. Find ways in which you can grow local outreach. Link to their business and ask them to link to you.
  10. Make certain everything you do is mobile. There are more people who opt for mobile devices than there are those using tablets or lap tops. You need to be easy to find on mobile and your site needs to be mobile friendly.  

Foot traffic to your pet retail location helps you build rapport and make a connection that you simply can't make during an oline sale. How effective have you found local SEO? Where are you struggling to use local SEO?