Instagram Tips for Business - PetExpo365

Images draw people in; no wonder it is strongly suggested that you include visuals with your content. Instagram, which showcases the image first and the text description second, uses that to its advantage. And with 1 billion monthly active users, the pool for a new audience and followers is enormous for content marketers.

As a pet retailer, your end goal should not only be to gain followers and draw eyes towards your content, but also to share who you are, giving the new audience something to relate to. Here are some basic tips to remember about using Instagram for business.

Be public.

Instagram gives you the option to have a public or private account. If you’re private, followers must request to follow you and then be approved by you. Not only does this deter your potential new audience from clicking the “Request” button, it won’t allow them the scroll through your feed to see exactly what type of images they’ll see if they follow you.

Being public also sets the standard that you are committed to your brand and you want to share all you’ve got with the world. You can also categorize your account as a business account, which will allow your audience on Instagram to contact you directly via your account.

Make it original.

Instagram is one of the best platforms for content creators since they can take a photo or video and share it right away. With our devices with us all the time, it’s easy to snap a photo of a new team member, donuts on Friday, products you’re excited to share for the holiday season, and any other relevant update. Keeping most of your content original also means your followers haven’t already seen it.

Newer to Instagram is IGTV (Instagram TV) and Stories and Highlights, both offering even more opportunity to engage and share your world! We’ll save a deep dive into those for another article.


Hashtags are used on both Instagram and Twitter as a way to search for content; they essentially act as keywords so people can find your photos and videos. In most cases, the more hashtags you have, the broader your audience will be who is searching for that hashtag.

Share relevant content.

Instagram allows you to add a description to your post along with the image. The most important thing to ask yourself when deciding on a post is “is it relevant? Does it help my brand? Will it help my followers connect with me on a level that’s more than just digital?”

Having intent and thinking your ideas through will help in making sure your posts hold quality content. And while you may think the photo can drive engagement itself with no specific description, consider using hashtags at least.

Don’t post too often.

Posting breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert (literally) will turn people away from your content (unless you’re a food reviewer or something…). We all know an over-sharer and we’ve contemplated hitting the unfollow button at one time or another. Depending on the type of business you do or products you offer, very frequent posting may not be necessary. Your content strategy will help you determine how often you should post to Instagram.

Remembering these helpful tips when getting started with Instagram will help guide you to a new audience and, of course, new customers. With the addition of the new content creation capabilities of IGTV, Stories and Highlights, you have more ways than ever to use Instagram to show potential customers who you are and what you do.